Paper Chasers TV Presents: 4-IZE 2 Ignorant 2 Intelligent

Documentary Debut – Plaza Theater, ATL


Paper Chasers 4-IZE Doc

Event Date(s): Wednesday March 27th 2019 _x_Downstairs

Event Times(s): 7-9:30pm

Format: Blu-Ray/DVD

Theater Rental Time: 150 mins

Details: Screening of the film, Paper Chasers Tv Presents: 4-IZE 2 Ignorant 2 Intelligent with a Q&A afterwards

Plaza Booking Contact: Richard Martin


Rental is exclusively for the theatre and screening time specified above. All event

content must be at the Plaza 48 hours prior to the screening for tech setup. If you wish

to be present an appointment can be arranged. By signing below, you have read and

will adhere to all guidelines.




Thank you for choosing the Plaza Theatre to host your screening and/or event. Built in

1939, the Plaza Theatre is Atlanta’s oldest operating independent cinema and we are

happy to have you be a part of that continuous history. The Plaza Theatre is available to

rent for film screenings, business and corporate meetings, civic gatherings, and

commercial, television, & film shoots. Please be aware that all dates are subject to

availability and on a first come, first serve basis. Bookings are considered confirmed

until deposit check has been received



screens. Our main downstairs theater seats 324. The smaller, upstairs theater seats

173 and is NOT handicap accessible and this should be taken into consideration for

your event.

We have DCP projection capabilities in both theaters. Our theaters can also support

DVD and BluRay.

If you are interested in projecting in other formats, please inquire as we do not carry this

equipment in house. You may use a digital file from a flash drive, etc, but The Plaza

does not guarantee the quality of the projection. Our BluRay player only supports region



ADDITIONAL: Contact us for other special considerations or showtimes outside these

areas. If you are interested in renting the building for a location shoot or filming

purposes, please inquire for hourly rental rates. Additional fees may apply.


RENTAL FEES INCLUDE: A Concession staff member, a Projectionist, placement on

marquee on the day of your event, use of a microphone, and two tables. Listing on the

website, inclusion in any online / print showtime listings, and promotion through social

media is also a possibility as long as marketing material is given to the Plaza staff at

least 10 days prior to an event. Any use of these items must be requested at least 10

days in advance to allow for proper scheduling.


TIME & OVERAGE: We strongly encourage you to plan the amount of time needed

for your event to allow for the full needs of your event. The rental fee covers a specific

minimum 150-minute use of an auditorium. Use of the auditorium is considered from the

moment access is available until the last guest leaves and Plaza Staff clean up can

begin to reset the auditorium. Any time over is calculated at 30-minute increments; 20%

of your total rental rate; 30 minutes over is calculated at 30% of your total rental rate,

the second 30 minutes is at 40%, the thirst 30 minutes is at 60% and so on. This policy

is to strongly discourage risking overage as this negatively impacts program and labor

schedules unexpectedly. Any overage penalty time must be paid immediately via cash

or credit card (+2% credit card fee). Additional use of the auditorium or other Plaza

Theatre space must be coordinated in advance.


RENTAL DEPOSIT: Rental dates are only secure upon receipt of signed contract and

full payment of the deposit. We only accept cash, money order, or certified check.

Please make checks or money orders payable to Plaza Theatre, LLC. Deposits are

refundable, less $50 administrative fee, if event is cancelled more than 21 days prior to

contracted date. Deposits are non-refundable if event is cancelled less than 21 days

prior to contracted date

RENTAL AGREEMENT: Lessee waives and releases all legal claims against the Plaza

Theatre related in any way to this rental. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold the

Plaza harmless from all legal claims that may arise from this rental, including but not

limited to claims for: 1) loss or damage of personal property; 2) personal injury of

Lessee, Lessee’s guests, employees, agents, or any third party; or 3) rights to exhibit,

ownership, licensing, or legal clearances of content shown by Lessee.

Rental is for auditorium space only and for the hours agreed upon. There are features

that run before and after your rental (and during in our upstairs space), so the space

must be clear in time for us to start the next feature. Seating for your screening will

begin approximately 15 minutes prior to the start time. All event content must be at the

Plaza 48 hrs prior to the screening for tech setup. If you wish to be present, please

arrange a prior appointment.

_______ Please initial that you have read and understood the 48 hour content


_______ Choose (Yes or No) if you would like to arrange a tech setup appointment.

CLEANING: Immediately following event, renter must clean up and remove all materials

that were brought into the building. Additional charges will be applied for storage of

renter’s materials after rental period or for any cleaning and/or damage caused by


SECURITY: The Plaza Theatre does not employ a security staff. If you event requires,

or is deemed to require, the need of security, you can supply your own or we will happily

bring in the needed staff from a local vendor, but this would be an additional charge to

your rental fee. Typically, for clients requiring security, 1 per 100 people expected is

appropriate. Please inquire about this cost.

RESTRICTIONS: The Plaza Theatre requires prior approval on all aspects of rental.

Below are samples of regular restrictions, which are subject to change at any time.

BUILDING USE: Rental includes use of auditorium and limited use of lobby and

entryway. Due to space restrictions, other features in building, and fire codes, we

cannot allow “premiere,” “red carpet,” or “step & repeat” type functions without rental of

entire building or unless approved by the Plaza prior to the event.

CATERING: No food or catering is allowed inside any area of the Plaza Theatre unless

approved by the Plaza prior to the event. This requires a $350 cleanup fee.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: NO outside alcohol will be brought into the theatre, unless

Leasee confirms and retains clearance from management.

OUTSIDE VENDORS: Prior approval must be given for any outside vendors,

merchants, organizations, groups, presenters, etc that may be set up inside during

rental. NO outside food sales are allowed without prior approval. Vendors and

merchants may be charged an additional table set up fee if beyond the included tables.

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Though the Plaza Theatre does have a permanent stage, live

bands or loud music that may interfere with other events in the building are not

permitted unless renting the entire building or if approved by the Plaza prior to the

event. Final sound levels are determined by the theatre, whether the renter rents out

the entire building or not.

DECORATION: Prior approval must be given by management before attaching any item

to any theatre surface. As this is a historic building, we maintain to minimize potential


THEATRE EQUIPMENT: Without prior approval by management, renter may not

operate, rearrange, relocate or tamper with any Plaza Theatre equipment, including

projection, lighting, sound, etc. Misuse of equipment can create serious risk or potential


BOX OFFICE: We recommend you operate a separate box office staffed with

your own volunteer/employee. This would be set up inside the theater adjacent

to our box office with a table and linen provided for you. You may set your own

ticket price and keep all proceeds from your screening.

ONLINE TICKET SALES: If you would like to sell tickets online, you must set up that up

personally. That way, checks from the ticket companies are written directly to you.

CONCESSION SALES: The Plaza Theatre will provide 1 concessions employee

for your event, included in the rental fee. The Plaza Theatre keeps all concession

sales. You are welcome to sell your own merchandise and keep all revenue from

it as long as it is not food/drink. If you require a table for this, please let us know in


PROJECTION: The Plaza Theatre will provide 1 projectionist for your event, included in

the rental fee.

MARQUEE: All events booked at the Plaza will have access to the marquee for the day

of their event, wherein your listing will share one side of the marquee with our other

scheduled events. In some cases, the event title may be posted on the marquee prior

to the day. Due to limited space, each screening is limited to one line on the marquee

with 21 character limit. If you require additional lines, these are available for $150 per

line, per day.

MARKETING & PUBLICITY: We require use of the Plaza Theatre logo for any

promotional physical or digital material produced or used to publicize the event. Please

inquire for file formats.

All events booked at the Plaza can be included on our website, as well as promoted

through our Facebook and Twitter accounts as long as marketing material is handing

over within a week of event date.

Theatre Based Rental Cancellations: If by an Act of God that the theatre closes on the

date of Leasee’s rental, Leasee will not be given a refund, but the credit will be

transferred to a later date. Said date will be settled between Leasee and Rental

Manager. If for some reason, the renter cancels 14 days prior to there event they may

reschedule for another date at a 50% discount. No Cash or Credit Card Refunds are


Event Name: 4-IZE: 2 Ignorant 2 Intelligent

Venue Plaza Theater (Downstairs)

Date: Wednesday March 27th 2019

Time: 7-9:30pm

By signing below, you have read & will adhere to all above policies & guidelines.



1049 Ponce deLeon Ave

Atlanta, GA 30306

Film -4-IZE: 2 Ignorant 2 Intelligent- Theater/Room


Runtime -150 mins- Format -Blu-Ray-

Booking Contact Richard Martin Format 2 -DVDSlide

Pre Show –TBA- Slide Post Show -TBAIntroductions,

Moderators, Speakers

-Q&A Aftwards-


Ticketing will be handled by the renter


7pm Access to the Auditorium Begins

9:15pm Content Must be finished by

9:30pm Access to the Auditorium Ends


(1) mic(s) will be needed for intro/talk


(1) table will be needed for ticketing

Marquee should read “4-IZE 2 Ignorant

2 Intelligent”


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